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100 Days in a Minecraft World

hey guys what’s up ld shadow lady here and this is 100 days of minecraft i’ve seen quite a few people try this idea that was started by luke the notable to start a fresh minecraft world on day one and keep track of your progress all the way up till day 100. however unlike luke i’m not going to be playing it on hardcore because i wouldn’t last a day now let’s get started so day one the first thing i did was get myself a set of stone tools and i went off in search of a good cave it didn’t take long before i got distracted by some horses but then i spotted the perfect cave in the distance so i ran my little legs over there to go and collect as much iron as i could find before the sun went down with my modest haul of 15 blocks i decided to head back to my spawn point where i would set up camp it’s too cute here and i never want to leave i made myself a bed and i dyed it red for all times sake i made myself a super unnecessary campfire just for the vibes and that was the end of day one day two i decided to start building a house and since we’re in vanilla minecraft i thought i would go for a cute cottage car vibe but i only got this far before the sun went down and that was the end of day two so day three i decided to get a roof on this baby so i ventured out to a nearby dark oak forest to collect some of those gorgeous chocolate planks at this point my husband joel entered my room and suggested the idea of having mcdonald’s for dinner i agreed that this was a sound plan can i have nuggies with over a stack of the dark oak logs i headed back home to work on my roof of course i didn’t finish it because it’s a roof and they take me far longer to build than they should day four i spent the entire day finishing the roof on day five i put the finishing touches on the exterior of the house and i started building a second floor unfortunately progress was a little slow today on account of me pigging out on my mcdonald’s on day six i finished the basic interior so now it’s ready for all my decorations and collections and i go to sleep in my basic red bed for the last time because i decided then and there that tomorrow i’m making a bunk bed and on the seventh day lizzy said let there be bunk beds i spent a good part of this day deciding what color bunk beds to get and finding the wool and then i stumbled across a bee and it was so adorable i just had to lure it home with me so he could sample my flowers i turned away for five seconds to make myself a bunk bed and when i came back the bee was gone but the impact he made on my life will last forever because he inspired me to create a cottage garden so i got it started by placing these leafy growths all over my walls and my roof and what do you know that was the end of day seven on day eight i continued fulfilling my cottage car dreams and fenced off a little cottage garden i made a cute little path up to the door then i randomly realized that i had no armor on and i had done nothing intelligent with those 15 iron ingots from day one so i made a chest and a hat and i continued happily filling my cottage garden with flowers so here’s my progress by the eighth day on day nine i had only one thing on my mind bees so after a quick google search i knew everything i needed to know and i set off in search of a bee nest heading south from my house i finally found one but of course it was empty so i coaxed him back to his hive and i left a few floral offerings while i was waiting for him to do his thing i thought i would check out the nearby jungle so i grabbed a few vines for my cottage garden still no honey so then i did a little coal mining nearby until there was no coal left and still no honey and i collected some sand because you can never have too much sand and still no honey then i encountered a witch who seemed hell-bent on thwarting my plans that day she poisoned me for 40 seconds and i nearly died but the good news is there was honey now so i smoked out the hive so as not to cause distress to the bee while i harvested the honeycomb three is all i needed to make a hive of my own so i excitedly ran home in the complete darkness and that my friends was day nine on day ten i crafted my beehive and i found a couple of bees to bring home i gave them some flowers and i was shook when a baby popped out but now i have a cute little bee family living in my beehive so then i ate my last piece of food and i realized i should probably start a farm i thought this hilltop location beside my house would be quite nice but to start a farm up there i would need a bucket i popped down into the caves just below my house to grab some iron and i encountered my very first death upon respawning i enacted immediate revenge and i got that iron i came for as night fell i crafted the bucket i wanted but day 10 will go down in history as a cursed day day 11 i started working on my farm but i realized i was going to need a lot of wheat seeds and i thought it would be clever to just find a nearby village and borrow some of theirs so i set off in a westernly direction looking for villages and i found one just in time for the end of the day i slept through the night and woke up on day 12 refreshed and ready to steal first i stole their village bell then i stole their cats i took the hay bales i took the bookshelves i took a nap and on day 13 i took my leave so now i have two cats a doorbell enough seeds to get my wheat field started up here and a few of these vegetables which i decided to plant over here in a little vegetable garden oh and just before going to sleep i thought it would be a good idea to try and harvest my beehive it was a terrible idea and one of my bees died so day 13 unlucky for some especially that bee so day 14 begins and i decide to work on my vegetable garden being such a completionist means that i want to have one of every single vegetable so i expanded my farm a little planted some pumpkins and i realized i need to go find some melon seeds and some beetroot seeds i ran off to the nearby jungle and i found melon seeds easily enough i checked the village from the day before and nobody had even heard of beetroot so i went off into the sunrise of day 15 in search of another village a better village i found a tiger village just before nightfall so i kicked this man out of his bed and stole it for the night so day 16 begins and i start looking around only to realize these people don’t know what beetroots are either they do however have these delicious sweet berries which i will steal for my cottage garden so i run off once again in search of another village looking for beetroot eventually i found this plains village and i started harassing the villagers but they wouldn’t give up the goods it was at this point that i realized that somehow i had picked up beetroot seeds on my adventures already and they were in fact sitting in my inventory then i realized i had no idea where i was anymore and i was very very far away from home my only option was to run towards zero zero and hope that was where i spawned after a while i stumbled into this flower forest and it was magical the flowers just went on and on and i was so happy and then the sun went down and i was so scared but eventually i saw the glow of my cottage through the foliage and i was home again so a three-day adventure for beetroot seeds and it turns out i actually acquired them on day one without realising on day 17 the first thing i did is plant my precious beetroot seeds and then i planted the sweet berries in rows beside my vegetable garden in the hopes that it will look really cute when it’s all grown in so while i waited for everything to grow i moved inside to do some decorating i started with some bookshelves up in my bedroom and then i thought it would be a good idea to make a fireplace and i want it to be fancy so of course i’m using brick and it took forever in fact i spent the whole day making this fireplace and i stayed up almost all night finishing it but the result is adorable on day 18 i decided to go mining because despite living in this world for so long already i still don’t have a diamond so i found a nice looking cave and it was a dead end so then i staircased down until i found something eventually i found this really cool underground lava lake and i decided this would be a perfectly safe place to sleep so we roll over to day 19 and it’s time to mine i found two veins of diamonds giving me a total of 11 and i found a couple of stacks of iron so at the end of the day i went back up to the surface and headed back home so on day 20 it’s time to start using all those diamonds we collected and i have a little tradition to frame my first diamond so i made an item frame and i displayed it up on the wall then i made myself an enchanting table so i could make my first diamond pickaxe and get my first ever enchantment then i realized my wheat field has grown so i can start taming some farm animals first i wanted a chicken so i found this one drowning in a hole and i rescued him and now he lives in my garden and that’s the end of day 20.

on day 21 i found a nice area just beyond the wheat field and i decided to build a pig pen but it started getting dark and i still hadn’t finished yet so on day 22 i finished the pig pen load in some pigs and they love it day 23 i decided to build a bridge from my side of the river over to the birch forest so i spent the day terraforming the area and getting these structural supports in place the next day i started construction on the bridge using extinguished campfires for this rural log bridge style it took me a lot longer than i was expecting but the bridge was finally done the next day i decided to head out in search of a swamp so that i could kill some slimes as i wanted to add these support ropes to my bridge like the reference image it didn’t take long to find a swamp so i just waited until night time for all the slimes to spawn however no slime spawned the next day i built this stupid contraption that i thought would make slime spawn but it didn’t work then i realized i could just use the world seed to find out where the slime chunks are so i just left the swamp empty-handed to hunt down slimes a little closer to home i arose on the 28th day to discover that there was a slime chunk right next to my house and so i spent that day digging out a huge area where slimes could spawn the next day i waited eagerly to see if a slime would actually spawn and nothing yep still no slime until finally the smallest little slime sprung forth and i killed him but he didn’t just give me a slime ball he gave me hope on day 30 i automated the slime farm with this campfire contraption and i enlisted the help of an iron golem to lure the slimes to their death there are hoppers beneath the campfires that should collect any slime balls so now i don’t have to kill them myself day 31 was like christmas because i went down to check on my slime farm and there was some slime balls waiting for me which meant i could finally finish my bridge i decided to use some of my home bred pigs to hold one end of the rope and it was a horrible terrible mistake this bridge looks so silly oh my gosh but i decided to finish it anyway and this is what it looked like by the end of the day so i went to sleep truly defeated but on day 32 i had a plan i covered up those pesky pigs so you couldn’t see them anymore and i marched myself off to the flower forest and i picked flowers until the sun came down literally and i finally made it back home safely only to discover that there was a creeper in my bedroom so i narrowly avoided that catastrophe and moved on to day 33 which i spent planting flowers on the other side of the river in an attempt to distract the eye from my weird bridge day 34 i woke up and i looked at my advancements and i thought i haven’t done anything the nether exists and i haven’t been there i spent the whole day mining obsidian and i built my nether portal across the bridge i made my first ever diamond sword i enchanted it and i hopped into the portal and where i popped out is quite possibly the worst netherspawn i have ever seen when i finally made it down to the ground i had a little wander around and i decided that i hated it the only good thing about the nether was these shroom lights which are really cute then i found myself just drawn to this ugly biome in the distance and i had to get over there when i got there i didn’t know what any of the blocks were so i started breaking them to see what they were called and i’m so embarrassed by what followed when i went to retrieve my things i realized the only things missing was my diamond sword and my shroom lights several guests spawned and made it very clear they didn’t want me there anymore so i just left didn’t like it in there anyway on day 36 i cleared out a piece of land near my hilltop farm then i spent day 37 fiddling around trying to build this moon out of birch planks and on day 38 i built a barn around the moon i call it the moon ban on day 39 i finished the outside of the barn on day 40 i opened up the barn and created some paddocks on either side the next day i wanted to make it more realistic so i replaced all the grass inside the barn with mud and dirt and i went and tamed some cows they were extra annoying because they hated the bridge even more than i did and they refused to walk across it but i eventually got them settled in the barn on day 42 i filled the other side of the barn with sheep and i started dying them rainbow colours so on day 43 i woke up and realized i had no iron no diamonds no coal left so i went down into the caves and i found myself a stack of iron but that wasn’t enough so on day 44 i went back underground strip mining this time until i broke into a ravine where i found these two diamonds on day 45 i needed a break from the caves so i crafted some cute little lanterns to decorate with and i started working on the paths between all my buildings it took me another day to finish them but i was really happy with how they turned out on day 47 i did something a bit different on the other side of the river i made a leafy path instead when that was done i realized there was an ugly cliff behind the nether portal so i put a cute little waterfall there instead and lit it up with a lantern day 48 i checked my slime farm and there were 27 slime balls waiting for me when i got home i realized i didn’t even have anywhere to put them my chests were all so messy so i started organizing and on day 49 i continued organizing until my house was finally tidy finally the halfway point day 50 had arrived i stepped out my door and there was a creeper i killed the creeper but i felt weak this busted iron sword needs an upgrade but to get a powerful sword i need a powerful enchanting area which means more bookshelves so i set out on a mission for sugarcane and leather so i could make enough bookshelves to get level 30 enchantments i found quite a lot of sugarcane and then i accidentally stumbled across a village really close to my house they seemed to worship some kind of demon because this giant portal had spawned right beside them so i stole their books and i got out of there as quick as i could by the time i got home it was dark but i decided to build my bookshelf anyway turns out that was a terrible idea when i woke up in the morning i realized it looked hideous i spent the entirety of day 51 rearranging the bookshelf and then i finally enchanted my diamond sword with looting how disappointing day 52 after my lackluster enchanting experience i decided to try a different method villagers if i can get some librarian villagers to come and live with me i can get their book trades anytime i want so i went to the nearest village and i kidnapped myself a villager i heard the best way to travel with villagers is to put them in a boat however it was very slow it started to get dark and i barely even left the village so on day 53 i had a new plan i would build a canal from the village to my house and i can transport things back and forth super quickly so construction on the canal began it continued for another day then canal construction hit a bit of a roadblock in the form of a cliff i either had to go around through it or over it and i decided to take the wacky route and go over which meant building a bubble elevator up to the top of the cliff and then continuing the canal over the treetops by the end of day 56 i had reached my house and i dropped off my first passenger of the canal boat on day 57 i went to get a second villager which is easy because the canal went straight to the village however i had a little trouble at the border and this iron golem didn’t want to let me in eventually i snuck past him and selected a suitable villager to kidnap but someone must have tipped off the authorities because when i got back to the canal i met some resistance in order to escape i had to tie up the security guard and make a break for it and finally i now had two villagers all i had to do was safely contain them and it’s all gone horribly wrong they’ve escaped it was getting kind of dark so i ran around trying to get the situation under control but these villagers just kept giving me the slip the next morning i managed to trap one of the villagers in a boat i went looking for the second villager and i found that he had become a fisherman somehow what happened to him eventually i got both villagers safely contained in the house i installed some baby gates on the stairs i put down some extra beds on day 59 i went over to my farm area and built a little villager hut this is where i wanted to put a farmer villager but since it was so far away from my house it was quite the struggle getting him there he kept getting distracted and turning into a fisherman along the way somehow but i eventually built a monorail system and i transported him successfully to his new home and locked in his trade on day 60 i built another little villager hut this time on the hill behind my house i spent day61 getting the villager over to the new hut and i turned him into a librarian he had a silk touch trade but it was really expensive because i guess villagers just hate me now the next day i decorated his cabin to cheer him up a little bit and then i built two more cabins nearby i decorated them nicely with a cute little chimney and some flowers and then i went to go kidnap another villager when i arrived at the village it seemed like they were having some kind of town meeting probably on account of all the abductions they’ve been experiencing lately so i snatched one of them up while nobody was looking and i took him back home i ran into some issues with the canal along the way but by day 64 i had two new villages the following day i got them into their cabins but this guy refused to do any work i had to throw bread at him until he turned into a librarian then after a while i managed to get this fortune 3 trade and on the other villager i managed to get an efficiency 5 trade however i didn’t have any emeralds or books to lock these trades in and judging by the prices they were charging they really hated me now so day 66 i got busy farming and harvesting all my crops so i could trade with my farmer villager he was gonna give me all the emeralds i needed to lock in those librarian trades i managed to gather a pretty respectable 22 emeralds so i took my book and my emeralds back to my librarians and oh my god their trades had reset what i didn’t know that happened why didn’t anybody tell me this so then i had to keep resetting his trade until i found something good and i actually got something better mending but it would cost me 30 emeralds which i didn’t have so of course i ran around in a panic for a few minutes before i came up with a better plan i took every single bone and turned it into bone meal and i just about had 30 emeralds before it got dark so i went and locked in my mending trade boarded up his hut so nothing bad happened and went to bed so on day 68 while i waited for the crops to grow back i got working on some chores around the land i removed the ugly monorail system that i was using to transport villages around this creeper came along and wanted to help but i was like no thank you then i noticed that my floating canal system was actually really ugly so i thought i would build some structural supports to make it make sense at the end of the day it looked like this but that wasn’t good enough so on day 69 i added some overgrown leaves and vines to make it blend in more with nature and now it’s practical and pretty on day 70 i extended this path over to the librarian villages and i realized it was a little bit dark around my house so on day 71 i made a load of these lanterns and hung them from all the trees i planted a little blue flower field and now this place looks magical i decided to sleep out under the stars that night which ended in disaster i’d still like to be able to sleep out here by the lake so i decided to make a beach area i dug out all of the dirt and then i realized i didn’t have any sand so i ran off into the sunset in search of a desert rather predictably it got dark and i had to sleep in the middle of nowhere the next morning i discovered that i’d been sleeping right next to a desert i grabbed myself some cactus a couple of stacks of sand and i went to explore oh no that’s a pillager tower i think i’ll go around that wait a second is that a desert temple i see why yes it is so i went down into the desert temple carefully mining my way down and you’ll never guess what happened next there was nothing there i felt so cheated and i left that desert temple enraged never to return by the time i made it back home i had just enough time to cover the beach in sand so i spent the following day decorating the beach with these sun beds and a tiki bar made of extinguished campfires and i spent a lovely night asleep on the beach on day 75 i created a little sandy path down to the beach and i did a bit of villager trading so i ended the day with 11 emeralds on day 76 i spent the entire day refreshing the trades on this villager to get some good ones maybe efficiency or fortune but what’s this silk touch for eight diamonds it was such a bargain i couldn’t resist so i locked in his silk touch trade and i moved on to the next villager the next day i finally got an efficiency 5 trade but it would cost 64 emeralds but i didn’t care i was desperate so i locked in that extortionate trade too then that evening i made an anvil and i created my super pickaxe i wanted to see how fast this baby could break rock and how many diamonds i could get in one day the answer was zero yes i didn’t get a single diamond however the next day i broke into a cave and there were six diamonds sitting right there so i took them obviously and then for some reason i attacked an enderman and he killed me spewing my items all over a random cave in the middle of nowhere it was great i woke up the next morning and went to retrieve my items from the distant cave and when i got there i realized the reason i died was probably because i was just wearing the remnants of my iron armor that i made like 50 days ago so now i was more determined than ever to find lots of diamonds make myself a full set of diamond armor and never die again i set out strip mining for diamonds and guess what i didn’t find a single one again then the following day i broke into a mine shaft and explored that however not a single diamond then things started to get a little hairy in there and i lost my nerve so i came back up to the surface went back home put away all my things and wondered what i was doing with my life will i ever defeat the ender dragon probably not but you know what i can do get some turtles so on day 81 i applied my silk touch book to my pickaxe and i went out in search of turtles found some turts hanging out on the beach once they had laid their beautiful eggs for me i snatched them up and i took them home to hatch them it was dark when i arrived home but that’s actually perfect turtle hatching time so i laid them down on the beach gave them some protection and i did some night farming while i waited for them to hatch morning came and nothing had happened not even a crack so i made my turtle egg hatchery a little more aesthetic and i left them alone then i had an idea for a new project so i crafted loads of colored glass and i grabbed all my spare lanterns i started to build some floating lights above the river and i thought they looked really cute so the next day i added more and even though these look absolutely magical in real life they’re actually quite bad for the environment because they can cause pollution and fires so from now on i shall only enjoy these within the game of minecraft i thought these looked absolutely stunning especially in the dark on day 84 i got a bit of a craving to make some of those soul campfires and soul torches but i was out of soul sand so i would have to make a trip back to the nether i know i said i would never go back there but i did when i arrived there was a guest camping the nether portal so i killed him and ran off to find some soul sand i got a little bit distracted by some shiny gold and i started mining away but apparently this pig guy didn’t like that and he started attacking me i felt bad for stealing his gold so i turned it into ingots and i traded with him he was quite lovely actually i was so happy with my new friend that i just hopped right back in the nether portal as i did so aghast launched a fireball at me on the other side of the portal i realized i didn’t get the soul sand that i went for and i was pretty certain that there was a fireball waiting for me when i returned to the nether and yep luckily i brought my flint and steel so i could re-light the portal i went and harvested a few souls and i was back in the overworld in no time on day 85 i made myself a soul campfire and i placed it in the blue flower field and then inspiration struck i had all this soul sand so i made a hot tub in my back garden i decorated it with these soul lanterns and then i put loads of flower pots around and filled them with anything i could find and i won’t lie to you it wasn’t the most relaxing hot tub i’ve ever been in it was a bit turbulent but at least it looks nice day 86 turtle check nope still not hatched these turtles were supposed to be my pride and glory so in an attempt to find some other way to impress you guys i thought i would take on the ender dragon but first i would need to prepare myself i knew i wouldn’t have time to mine up all the resources myself so i planned to steal them from elsewhere i ran away from home looking for desert temples and eventually i found one it didn’t really have anything good just a projectile protection three so i took that and ran off to find another temple i found one but it was getting dark so i took a little power nap in the morning i went down into the temple and i managed to get a few diamonds and some more enchanted books then i found a third temple this one had some saddles and a golden apple by then i was pretty fed up of desert temples and i wanted to go home i took a little nap in the middle of nowhere and then on day 88 i finally tamed a horse now that i had a saddle and some horse armor this made my journey home a little quicker and i arrived just before nightfall somehow i accidentally rode my horse into the campfire and nearly killed him though to commemorate my happy horse day i made a sign for the wall that says live laugh horse at the start of day 89 joel came into my room and asked me what i was doing i told him i was planning on going to the end and he enlightened me that i would in fact need some blaze rods to do that oh what a fool i had been i thought i would never go back to the nether but here i am on day 90 i finally found another fortress and i officially unlocked my achievement on day 91 i saw a blaze spawner in the distance and i went in for the kill but there were far too many blaze there so i turned right back around and i ran away i tried to run home but then i realized my path back to the portal was blocked by magma cubes so i spent the rest of the day tunneling towards the blaze spawner instead eventually i was below the spawner so i popped out and collected my first blaze rod day 92 i was playing a dangerous game of whack-a-mole with these blazers and i was the mole but by the end of the day i’d collected eight blaze rods and apparently that was all i needed with that i left the nether knowing i would probably never return that night i didn’t sleep because i had to hunt down some ender pearls in all my 92 days of living i had only collected two thus far so i found a nice open plains biome and i attracted the attention of this tall gentleman then i panicked a little bit ran around a tree a few times and he killed me i returned to the scene of the crime to collect my belongings and have my revenge luckily he gave me two ender pills for my troubles because he was the only enderman i saw that entire night on day 93 i made some eye vendors and i went to locate the stronghold i took my horse with me so he could ride like the wind and i found it about a thousand blocks away from my house i put my horse in a hole and i mined down to break into the stronghold it didn’t take me long to find it but when i did i realized it had zero eye of enders in it right about then i was thinking that i’m the most unlucky minecraft player to ever exist i would need 12 eye vendors and i only had four so i went back up to the surface where rather poetically it was raining and i stood in the rain wondering what i should do i only had a few days left to defeat the ender dragon and i couldn’t even get into the end so i ran home in the rain as fast as my little horse’s legs would take me and then disaster struck we fell into a deep ravine there was no way to get him out so i just had to leave him there to die my mission was too important i had to kill the ender dragon before day 100 otherwise i would lose my license to minecraft so when it got dark i killed enderman i had a new method this time that was much more effective i trapped them in boats so they couldn’t attack me by night i would hunt them on the planes by day i would hunt them in the mines i even found a couple of diamonds while i was down there too and finally on day 95 i had all the ender pearls i needed so i went home and started making my final preparations i upgraded some of my iron armor to diamond and now i just needed to enchant it so i did everything i could to get my level as high as possible killing cows trading with villagers and hunting mobs until finally i had some pretty good enchantments lots of protection and most importantly feather falling on my boots so on day 97 i was ready i packed my bags i carved a pumpkin just in case and i went back to the end portal i jumped in knowing this was my one and only chance to kill the ender dragon when i arrived i got to work i knew i had to destroy those beacon thingies so that’s what i started doing i definitely wasn’t doing it right though because i kept getting knocked off my pillars and if i didn’t have feather falling on my boots i would be dead this took me forever i even had to stop halfway through the fight and google how to kill the ender dragon because when he landed in the middle like this i didn’t know how to kill him however i did learn the hard way not to go near his face but i learned apparently you have to hit the butt so that’s what i did however at this point in the fight i kept accidentally looking the wrong way at some enderman and i had a few close calls but i didn’t come all this way to be killed by an enderman so i engaged the emergency pumpkin and i slayed the ender dragon by now it was already day 98 and my hundred day deadline was drawing ever closer but instead of going back through the portal i decided to look for an end city because i had one last little plan so i popped into this portal thing and i popped back out again in possibly the worst place ever what why am i the unluckiest minecraft player to ever exist i thought i could just end a pearl over to the nearest island but that didn’t work so i bridged across and luckily there was an end city nearby so i just went straight for the ship took my elytra harvested my dragon head and it fell on the ground so in a panic i decided to try and fly down there and retrieve it and surprisingly i didn’t die now i had to do is get back to the end portal and i had completed minecraft i emerged from the stronghold on day 100 and ran all day to get home when i arrived i had one final plan i dyed all my rainbow sheep black so that i could build this dead ender dragon outside my front door by the time i finished it was the middle of the night so i slept in my bunk bed for the final time at the end of day 100.

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